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Emergency Restoration Service

Emergency Restoration Service Manhattan

We have handled hundreds of emergencies for residential and commercial properties. We have established a reputation as a disaster emergency restoration service in the city of Manhattan. 


Our emergency restoration service Manhattan is ready to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those who live near us, we have prompt available professionals that will be there within 30 minutes. Get a free estimate and call us now!


When there is an emergency, what should you do?


Water Emergency


When unwanted water is flooding your home, you should immediately go to the water shut off valve of your property. This is because turning off the valve will shut off all water going into your property.


Residential and commercial basement flooding occurs when an old water pipe or water heater breaks. Flooding can happen when there is excessive rain that is not managed by the property’s water management system. Whatever the case may be, our flooded basement Manhattan division is ready around-the-clock to pump unnecessary water from your property to prevent the possibility of total property loss to your basement’s contents.


Our companies, flood cleanup Manhattan and water removal Manhattan, is experienced at the removal of unwanted water. Property owners believe that the only necessary action is to pump out water from the property. However, our water removal team knows that water even left there for a short period could have property livability consequences. Areas that have been inundated with water could have many future effects. These effects include:


  • animal droppings near water sources
  • erosion
  • fungus buildup
  • mold buildup
  • water seepage into unwanted areas


Water removal Manhattan has experienced professionals ready to prevent the possibility of long-term damage to your property. Our professionals will get rid of the water on your property and provide you with a full assessment of the livability of your water damaged property. We have state-of-the-art technology to remove water in minutes. The water will then be disposed of in a safe location that will not harm anyone on your property. Get an estimate today!


Fire Emergency


Contacted 911 immediately if you have a fire emergency. Once the fire has stopped, you should contact fire damage restoration Manhattan to help you restore your property. We know from experience that the property owner’s first inclination is to recover sentimental property and clean up the property on their own. Not a good thing to do! Touching and handling an area that has been affected by fire is dangerous.


Our company, Fire damage restoration Manhattan, can provide you with a free estimate with a plan to restore your property. The estimate will consider all parties involved, including insurance, your budgetary constraints, and any out-of-pocket costs. We can provide you with a competitive estimate that meets your requirements. Our goal is to offer you property restoration with 100% satisfaction.


Our professionals use chemicals that are 100% environmentally safe. Our certified, experienced technicians show a quality that most other restoration companies do not have. We are in compliance not only to local and national laws, but we are compliant with the environment as well. Fire restoration chemicals that we use on the property are mainly to help relieve the smoke damage that is hazardous to the environment. We bring back the livability of the property by treating fire-affected areas that include walls, air ducts, furnishings, carpets, vents, and areas believed necessary for treatment. Our chemical treatments will remove smoke discoloration and odor. The essential part of chemical treatment is removing the treatment and the hazardous chemicals that are produced as a byproduct. We will safely remove all chemicals from the work area to ensure that the property is in a livable condition.


Our Manhattan office is ready 24 hours, seven days a week, to restore your property.

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