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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration Manhattan

Our company specializes in the restoration of the property when it comes to damage due to fire and water. Our company division, Fire Restoration Manhattan, has reputable and certified experienced professionals that know how to restore properties that are residential and commercial in nature.


Experienced Certified Technicians


Fire damage restoration Manhattan has completed many fire damage property projects to the 100% satisfaction of our clients. Our services on these projects include restoring the property to a workable and livable condition. In addition to these services we construct a new property to replace the old fire destroyed property.


Our professional property rehabilitation crew is ready at all times to precisely address fire damage. Damage to your property due to fire includes the following:


  • Direct physical loss due to smoke, heat, and fire.
  • Indirect damage due to breakage of water systems and hazardous materials waste throughout the property.


Direct physical loss on the property is easy to identify and address. However, indirect damage assessment requires the best professionals in the industry that understand the complexities of residential and commercial properties. Our company knows how to assess and address water systems that could have flooded the property after a fire. This crew also knows how to address hot steam damage to the property’s wood structure and foundation. The fire damage restoration Manhattan team knows how to address any hazardous materials and chemicals found throughout the property. This includes the understanding of hazardous materials that were emitted through hot gases. Be assured that our fire property restoration team will precisely identify and correct fire-related problems.


Competent and qualified professionals are on staff to help you get a competitive estimate cost of all repairs. Our professionals are ready to assess all possibilities of damage throughout the property accurately. The estimate includes the consideration of all parties involved, including insurance providers, yourself, and any budget constraints. Upon approval of the estimate, our professionals will quickly handle the property restoration with state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals. Our ultimate goal is to remove any trace of the fire damage.


Smoke Damage Removal


Fires produce smoke and ash can be toxic if left in large quantities on the property. Smoke and ash leftovers on the property could cause a severe health concern. Hot smoke that is emitted from a fire can seep into areas on the property that could keep the smoke in the ventilation system if not treated. The putrid smell of smoke could rise into the attic, into vents, and even into the plumbing system. Our experienced professionals are prepared to remove the annoying hazardous stench of smoke smell from the property.


Our company is ready to use a state-of-the-art ozone treatment to eliminate the smell of smoke on the property. The process of using ozone treatment has been put together with years of experience. This method requires state-of-the-art chemicals to neutralize smoke sent odor that tends to hang in the air. We are confident that our fire restoration team will restore the property’s environment to a better state of clean, pure, and breathable air.

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