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Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Damage Restoration

Residential and commercial buildings were built to be productive places. These buildings were put together for the use of living and work. Sometimes disaster will strike, and unwanted water will enter the building, causing severe harm to the structure. Unwanted water can come in the property in several ways:


  • Leaking pipes
  • Flooding from busted pipes or water heater
  • Rainwater that accumulates in inappropriate areas
  • Flooding in a disaster zone


Accurate Water Damage Assessment


What are the signs that you can look for to know that your building has been damaged by water? To know if your building has been damaged by water, you should do an inspection walk-through. This walk-through should include adequate lighting so that you can see all areas of your property. While doing the walk-through, you should look for mold, fungus, animal droppings, and areas that have a lot of dampness.


Water damage can threaten the structural foundation of your building. The water should be removed to prevent the possibility of structural weakening. However, structural weakening is not the only problem with unwanted water. Hazardous materials are usually produced from water damage. Hazardous materials can include bacteria invested water, difficult to breathe damp areas, and fungus buildup.


When you see the possibility of hazardous material or water damage, contact our water damage restoration’s Manhattan office immediately. Our technicians are highly trained in the assessment and the remediation of water damage. You should contact us directly to prevent the possibility of harm to yourself or persons on the property.


Water damage remediation


Our professionals at Flood Cleanup & Restoration SoHo ASAP use a methodology that has been in place for the last 15 years to address water damage and restoration. This methodology has been successful in creating a solid reputation. Our building and property restoration methodology goes like this:


  1. Survey the property to precisely identify the area of water damage.
  2. Documentation is completed to log down any tests that we have completed, including meter readings, pictures, and observations.
  3. Collections of data and reviews of the property are shared with the client.
  4. A complete and thorough course of action that is custom made to your needs is put together on remediation that includes preventative measures, and future upkeep plans to prevent future water damage.


When we are hired, we will immediately and precisely find the source of damage. Most of all, we will plan on fixing the damage.


Flood Cleanup & Restoration SoHo ASAP will thoroughly examine and get rid of property environmental hazards that water damage causes. In most cases, there is a necessity to remove excess moisture from the environment. Humidity on the property, including excess moisture, is a problem that requires professional attention. Our water damage restoration team is prepared to remove the humidity problem within your property. Decontamination is also a necessary part of dehumidifying the property. Decontaminating the property includes removal of mold, application of sealants to prevent mold in the future, and antifungal coating. In the final stages of the humidity removal and mold removal process, we will consult you on how to prevent future buildup through proper maintenance of the building. This last meeting includes a test to ensure that the property is free of contamination and future observations to ensure the property is free from humidity.


Flood Cleanup Manhattan


Our company regularly services flood cleanups. Residential and commercial property basements could be flooded with abnormal water levels in them. Our water removal Manhattan team is ready to pump out water using state-of-the-art technology quickly.


Our company does not merely pump out water out of a storage area. Our flood cleanup team will help you begin the assessment of water-related damage on your property. Our certified technicians will locate and precisely identify hazardous waste that could have resulted from the flooding.


We have experienced certified technicians that have handled flooded basements. If your flooding issue is a basement, you should contact us immediately as we have technicians available 24 hours seven days a week. Our flooded basement Queens team is ready to go on your property to seal off any leaking pipes, address busted water heaters, and begin pumping out excessive water. Contacting our team is necessary to prevent further damage to building valuables and equipment. Our company will provide you with a property restoration estimate at no cost.


Call us immediately to prevent further property damage!

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